First project creation

Adding domain

First of all you need to push the button “Add a domain”:

  • 1. When adding a domain, you can specify an existing domain group or create a new one. We made it possible to add domains to groups, so that you could track changes in several websites of the same project. For example, group them by the specialists who work with them or by the clients whose projects you manage.
  • 2. You can name the domain you are interested in. It will be displayed on the home page in your project list and will help you quickly find the right website with a large number of projects in your account.
  • 3. Next, you need to add the domain that you want to monitor, and also select the domain type. This option allows the system to determine what exactly is worth analyzing - domain, subdomain or URL.
  • 4. Then you need to localize the tracking - select the country and region, as well as the tracking language.
  • 5. In the SEOGUN system, the standard position collection depth is TOP-100.
  • 6. Moving on to the main part, you need to complete the list of tracked keywords. You can add them in the following way: manually add by one keyword per line or import a group of keywords from .CSV and .XLS documents.
  • Please note that in our system you can track key queries only through the Google, Yandex search engines. Based on many studies, such as Statcounter Statcounter,more than 90% of the world's queries in search networks come from Google. There are some regional features related to the CIS countries and China, which we plan to study in the future, but to get started, we chose this particular search engine.

Adding key words

Next, we move on to adding keywords. It is possible to comprehensively download keywords using a text file or manual input, where each new key must start with a new line.

Adding competitors

Let’s add competitors. In the free tariff, you can manually add one competitor, and the system will pick up the rest of the competitors automatically.

The depth of data collection

Let's clarify that the depth of positions’ collecting differs depending on the search engines. In Google, or example, the collection rate is 100, and in Yandex it is 50.

The speed of data collection

It is also necessary to wait for some time while the ranker processes your request. Please, note that the data on keyword positions will be available within a couple of minutes. Data on the search volume and potential traffic will arrive with a delay of 30 minutes.