About Us

SEOGUN is a simple and convenient service for marketing professionals.

We are a team of specialists from related fields with an interest in SEO. At the beginning of development, we asked ourselves questions:

  • Can a person from the outside judge about the situation adequately?
  • Should all applications be created by experts from the same field?

We believe that the situation can be evaluated adequately by a team that understands the principles of work, but has experience in different areas, thereby transferring successful problem solving to a new area and leaving only the most necessary.
We also believe that it is necessary to avoid complicating services by compiling the necessary tools and low-demand tools into super-applications, which, due to their overload, can only be understood by watching hour-long tutorials.
Therefore, we decided to create a service that will consist of a simple and convenient interface, combined with high-quality timely data.

SEO work is about small and incremental results with great effort, especially in large companies where it is difficult to evaluate the efforts of an individual specialist. Therefore, the service is necessary in order to evaluate and appreciate the results of their work and the work of their team.

Let's talk a little more about us:

We are a team of young professionals headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia.
We create a Service(s) that will help you raise your sites in search results, increase traffic and profits, and also help specialists evaluate and appreciate the results of their work

Our offices:

  • Head office - Armenia, Yerevan

What is it like to work with us:

  • We make services so simple and convenient that you can quickly explain what we do to friends from other areas (so simple that your granny will understand)
  • Work from anywhere or in one of our offices
  • We take decisions jointly
  • Continuous learning - the company helps pay for the acquisition of new professional knowledge