After selecting the website you are interested in, you get to the Overview page, which contains aggregated information on the project.

At the top are numeric fields, where the basic information is summarized.

  • Number of keywords is the number of keywords for this domain.
  • Average position is the average position of the website as per the tracked keywords.
  • Traffic is the estimated monthly amount of traffic, which is calculated from the current positions of the website as per keywords.
  • Last check is the date of the last data update for the keywords.
  • Negative impact is the number of keywords with position decreased.
  • Positive impact is the number of keywords with position increased.

Below, in the Positive / Negative impact blocks, you can find out the positions of which specific keywords decreased or increased.

In the Top keywords block, you will find the keywords with the highest positions for which your website is ranked.

In the Ranking distribution column, you can track the number of keywords by their location in the Top 3, 10, 20, 100 groups.