This is the main function of our service. In this section, you can track the position of your website as per the added keywords, as well as their change in the time period you have chosen.

Also here you can track the visibility and frequency of key queries, as well as find the direct landing page of the key phrase.

  • Keyword is the added keyword.
  • Serp Features specify which blocks of extended search results are on the page (gray), and which ones your domain falls into (highlighted in red). You can find the description of extended issuance blocks in the following section.
  • Position is the keyword position in the search results and its changes between the selected dates.
  • Traffic is the estimated monthly traffic amount.
  • Volume is the average number of entries of a particular search query in a search engine for a certain period.
  • CPC (cost per click) is a metric specifying the cost of one link click.
  • Url is a link to the landing page, provided that the keyword is in the TOP 100.
  • Checked is the date the keyword was last checked.